We do! We take all the stress away from deciding. Our team of chefs, experienced nutritionists and dietary experts combine science and research with innovative cooking to create balanced meals that keep you feeling energised. The WW PersonalPoints™ values are calculated by WW nutritionists to ensure that the service fits seamlessly into your WW programme (green, purple or blue).

Lots of yummy portion-controlled pots, full of goodness, designed to help you lose weight.

You will receive breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We also provide menus with refrigeration and heating instructions, and icepacks to keep your food at the correct temperature during delivery.

At breakfast you can expect to receive a variety of yummy home-made mueslis, nut butters with fresh fruit and rye bread, smoked salmon and avocado to name a few, lunch is typically a salad or a soup served with lots of veggies and protein, and dinner is always something more substantial such as one of our delicious curries, quinoa risottos or simple baked fish with steamed veggies.

No food is off-limits on a WW PersonalPoints™ plan. We’ll provide you with lots of yummy meals packed with nutritious fruits, veg, and lean proteins. You can choose to opt out of certain food groups if you’d like though by choosing the plan that’s right for you. The WW Balance Box comes with 4 plans Classic, Pescatarian, Vegetarian and Free-From. Although our plans don’t contain any wheat, pork or shellfish as a whole ingredient but might contain traces.

We offer a variety of plans including our Classic plan, Vegetarian plan, Pescatarian plan and Plant Based Free-From plan, click here to find out more.
Our Plant Based Free-From Box is free-from wheat, gluten, fish, meat, dairy, eggs & honey. However please note that this box is prepared in the same kitchens there maybe traces of common allergens.

WW Balance Box is a set menu of delicious dishes full of variety. We are not able to make any personal changes.

All of our meal plans exclude offal, bones, or any wheat, pork, and shellfish. However, we can’t 100% guarantee that your food will be free of trace elements.
We believe in fresh natural ingredients. We ethically source all our ingredients and avoid any unnecessary preservatives or additives.

Our Plant Based Free-From Box is free-from wheat, gluten, fish, meat, dairy, eggs & honey. However please note that this box is prepared in the same kitchens there may be traces of common allergens.

Warning! While our food is suitable for coeliacs, our kitchen is not a gluten-free environment.If you have a specific allergy to a food or food group, please call us on 02077208583 to discuss – you never know – we might not use the ingredient that you are allergic too.

Alternatively, our sister company – The Pure Package can cater for food allergies as well as any dislikes.

All our dinners are designed to be heated and yes, this can be done in a microwave – please follow the instructions found on your menu. Alternatively, you can transfer the contents of the pot to an ovenproof dish, cover it with foil, and place it in the oven for 20-25mins.

Some breakfasts and lunches are really tasty when heated up (especially in the winter). We will highlight which ones we suggest heating on your menu, but these can be enjoyed cold if you don’t have access to a microwave or oven.

The pots are all labeled by day and meal, for example – Monday Lunch, and we do recommend eating them on the days and times specified.

We advise you to drink plenty of water (around 1.5 to 2 litres each day) and herbal teas instead of juice or fizzy drinks. To get the best results while receiving our food, we advise that you avoid alcohol and sugary drinks.

It’s important to us that all of our meat is ethically sourced, our seafood comes from sustainable stocks, we don’t use any unnecessary preservatives or additives and we source locally and organically where appropriate. We believe that our wealth of knowledge and expertise combined with our strong ethics and high integrity means that Balance Box clients can enjoy superior, nutritionally – balanced dining.

Staying on track with your healthy eating can be hard. With WW Balance Box, you get delicious, ready-made PersonalPoints™ calculated meals, delivered straight to your door. Each day has been nutritionally designed by our expert nutritionists, helping you to lose weight the easy (and tasty) way.

At Balance Box we believe leading a healthy lifestyle is all about balance, this is why we also provide a 3 day box and a 4 day box in case this arrangement works better for you, however, for best results, we do recommend doing the ‘full week’ plan. Results very much depends on the individual. Some of our clients see results straight away, whilst others see a more gradual change. Please visit the WW website for more guidance.

The 4 pillars of WW are food, sleep, activity & mindset so an overall holistic approach.

You don’t need to be a member of WW to enjoy the WW Balance Box but you might like to check out their membership options. You might also be interested in our other Balance Box options, The Market Plan (1700-1800 calories per day) or The Lighter Plan (1200 – 1300) calories per day. These plans also contain 2 yummy snacks per day!

There are three WW PersonalPoints™ plans (Blue, Green, Purple). Everyone is different and by taking your personal assessment with WW they will we’ll scientifically match you with the food plan that’s right for you. The good news is the WW Balance Box fits into all three plans! Find our how it works.

The easiest way to order your Balance Box delivery is via our website – just choose the menu plan you want and how often you want it and we’ll do all the rest. Visit our start now page and see how easy it is!
Alternatively, you can give us a call on 020 7720 8583 and one of our experienced client managers can answer any questions.

It’s always worth checking, please give us a call on 020 7720 8583, or drop us an email and we might just be able to start your program sooner. Our chefs order all fresh ingredients based on number of orders but sometimes we have spare.

We deliver to mainland UK postcodes excluding Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, and the Scottish Highlands, Islands and some other areas we can’t due to the restriction of our out of London couriers (sorry).

We’ll deliver straight to your front door or designated safe spot such as a porch, side entrance or even a garden shed!

If you live in London (we use our own team of delivery drivers) and you live in a flat or apartment, we can deliver to your apartment door if you send us a spare key to your building, we will keep the key safe and return it to you when you’ve finished your Balance Box plan.

We have two delivery structures based on where you live:


Our couriers deliver overnight. The box will be sitting on your doorstep (or wherever you ask us to leave it), ready for when you wake up meaning you can tuck straight into your healthy breakfast!
Your 4-day box will be delivered between 10pm on Sunday and 6:30am on Monday morning.
Your 3-day box will be delivered between 10pm on Thursday and 6:30am on a Friday morning.


Our couriers deliver during the day and the box will be with you by 5:30pm.
Don’t worry if you’re not going to be in during these hours, we can organise for the courier to leave the box in your designated safe spot, such as a porch or side entrance.
Your 3-day box will be delivered on a Thursday by 5.30pm. It contains Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
Your 4-day box will be delivered on a Sunday by 5.30pm. It contains Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.

Our boxes are designed to stay cool with the use of insulated liners which are packed up with lots of ice so that your food stays fresh for when you return home that evening, however, it is important that you refrigerate your food as soon as possible so that it keeps this way.

Please note we have a reduced delivery offer over the Easter Bank holiday weekend. We also operate a reduced service over the Christmas period.

Yes, provide us with the alternative address details at least two working days before we are due to make the delivery and we can organise that for you, it’s no problem.

The WW Balance Box costs £26.99 per day plus delivery of £4.95 within London and £9.95 Nationwide for each delivery.

You can take the hassle out of having to remember to order your WW Balance Box by ordering a subscription. When you subscribe to Balance Box, you will receive your choice of box each week for four consecutive weeks at a time on a rolling payment.

Our subscription is so flexible and works well with a busy lifestyle. If you find you need to travel, go on holiday or just take a break, we can reschedule your deliveries or place it on hold for you, and it won’t expire for up to one year! Just let us know within the delivery deadlines, no fuss, just flexibility, and great food!

As long as you give us the correct notice (please see below), we can reschedule your deliveries around your holiday or if you simply want to have a break we can pop your deliveries on hold, pre-paid boxes are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Deadlines for cancelling or changing a delivery


Sunday at midnight for the following Friday delivery

Tuesday at midnight for the following Monday delivery

Outside of London:

Sunday at midnight for the following Friday delivery

Tuesday at midnight for the following Monday delivery

So long as you meet our deadlines you can cancel your subscription at any time. We can simply pop any remaining undelivered boxes on hold to deliver later, that’s no problem.

Pre-paid boxes are valid for one year from the date of purchase. If you would like a refund, we can only offer a refund on the remaining value.

View T&C’s here

If you have signed up to our subscription plan and live in London (or within the M25), we will happily pick up the boxes, insulation, icepacks, etc when we next deliver.  Please leave the box out on a Sunday evening for collection.  Simply leave out in your designated delivery spot and we will take it away and replace it with a full box of food.

If you do not have another delivery scheduled, please let us know that you will be leaving the packaging out and we will arrange collection.

Unfortunately, we are unable to pick up the boxes for our nationwide clients, however, all our boxes, pots and menus are recyclable. The insulation is also recyclable, and our icepacks are re-usable.

Can you tell that we really do care about the world we live in!