Fantastic free gift for everybody who signs up NOW for one of our plans in January…

swiss ball

If signing up for one of our Balance Box eating plans wasn’t incentive enough for a new you!-Just by eating the yummy food we deliver to your door! -we have a fantastic FREE GIFT for everybody who signs up to one of our plans NOW for January: an awesome SWISS BALL! 

That chair you sit on while you’re surfing the internet? Put it to one side and get your bottom on a Swiss Ball instead. Even a few minutes a day will result in a stronger, leaner core, better posture, and improved spine and pelvis alignment.

And then, when you’re bored of just sitting on it, you can surf the’net even more (while sitting on your new Swiss Ball, of course) to find brilliant Swiss Ball exercises-to really show off the leaner, fitter, stronger you!

So, to recap-

This December you’re going to:


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