Want to lose a bit more weight without even trying?

lose a bit more weight
Here are three easy, almost unnoticeable ways to cut out or use up an extra 175 calories a day. Keep this up for just three weeks, and you may have shifted extra in weight, without even working at it!

  • Hold the morning juice. It’s easy to glug it down, telling yourself that it’s full of vitamin c,  but it’s also packed with fructose, the sugar found in fruits. Have a glass of water instead, and knock out 175 cals!
  • Walk! Just two 15 minute sessions of fairly brisk walking a day (that’s to the shops and back, or walking to and from the next bus stop) will not only raise your heart rate and increase blood-flow, but use up to 200 calories.
  • Swop your afternoon latte for a cup of tea. You’ll still get the caffeine kick, but drop nearly all the calories, as much as 340!