We know you’ve got outfits to organise, parties to go to and lots of fun to have…


So we’d just like to wish you a WONDERFUL Christmas from all of us at Balance Box!

Don’t you just love December? It’s synonymous with friends, fizz, festivities and…flab…

(Yes, flab!)

Not to put a dampener on things-but let’s face it-by the end of the year, all that party-going has undone your good body-work.

Your energy levels are all over the place, your clothes seem to have shrunk-how??-your skin and hair are disaster zones, and your body is yearning for something fresh, nutritious, and wholesome.)

So, this is what we’re going to do.

Party like it’s 2015. But before you set the dance floor alight-or once you’ve managed to drag yourself away from it-contact us about our great Balance Box eating plans. They’re renowned for putting the spring back into tired, worn-out steps, shedding those hard-earned (ahem) lbs, and making you forget December ever happened…(apart from the fun parts, of course).

Merry Christmas!