Surprising Meat-Free Protein Sources

Quinoa salad with broccoli,sweet potatoes and tomatoes on a rustic wooden table.Superfoods concept.Selective focus.

Protein. It’s been a buzz-word in the health and fitness scene for a long time. Why? Protein are the building blocks of the body, essential for hormones and antibodies production but key in muscle growth and repair. If you’re weight training or working towards more muscle definition, a protein-rich diet is crucial.

This doesn’t mean it’s chicken and eggs from here on now. Protein comes in all shapes and sizes, particularly if you’re looking for meat-free options.

Almonds take the ultimate prize, as gram for gram they offer more protein than any other nut. Roughly one serving gives you very respectful 6 grams of protein. Cashews, walnuts and pistachios closely follow. Nuts are great if you’re on the go for a healthy snack in between meals.

Small but mighty when it comes to protein content. They are one of the best vegetable sources of protein and are so versatile, they can be added to almost any recipe.

It’s no wonder they’re one of our favourite veggies, these mini trees are a high-protein food, offering 3 grams per serving. Why not try raw broccoli as a snack with homemade hummus?

A hero in the protein world, quinoa provides more than 8 grams per cup (185g) and contains all nine essential amino acids your body needs. Quinoa can be made into a creamy porridge, breads, salads and much more.

Cheap, easy to cook with and packed with goodness lentils are a must. It’s said that gram for gram they offer more protein than beef with a whopping 18g per cup.

It’s one of those, love it or hate it foods, but whatever your opinion on the stuff, it’s a perfect meat-free option.

Greek Yoghurt
Stripped from it’s whey, Greek yoghurt is thicker, creamer and more protein rich than its yoghurt counterparts. A generous serving will give you between 17g- 20g of protein, perfect for a post-workout breakfast or snack.

Baked Potatoes:
It turns out the humble potato provides 2.5g of protein per medium potato. Topped with a mix of tuna, greek yoghurt and sweetcorn for a healthy twist on tuna mayo, you have yourself a muscle building machine.