St Patrick? Didn’t he invent Guinness?

Not exactly… However, here are a few truths about the Great Irishman and his eponymous holiday, which you may not have known:

– St Patrick was actually British.

– His real name was Maewyn Succat.

– He first went to Ireland as a slave, returning years later as a missionary.

– And he never met a snake there. (The Ice-Age banished snakes from Ireland,  not St Patrick.)

– There’s nothing uniquely Irish about shamrock.

– 13 millions pints of Guinness are drunk, worldwide, on St Patrick’s day – over twice the usual daily consumption.

– Traditionally it always rains on St Patrick’s Day in Ireland. (Well, it is Ireland in March, after all)

– And finally,  St Patrick’s favourite food was Bubble and Squeak.