St George was from Shropshire, wasn’t he?

We thought a bit of education was in order for this April 23rd, because really, what do you know about our patron saint other than that he was English and slayed a dragon?

– He was from Turkey, and most likely never even visited England.

– Oh, and he was unlikely to have killed any dragons either. Not least because dragons never existed, but also because it was a feat accredited to him in the 12th century, over 800 years after his death.

– We’re not the only ones who have taken him to our hearts – St George is also a patron saint in Ethiopia, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Macedonia , Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Palestine, Portugal, Romania, Russia, and Serbia. (They all believe he came from their country too.)

– Shakespeare was born on St George’s day in 1564 and died on St George’s day in 1616. Making him a true Englishman.  (Or possibly Lithuanian, Serbian, Moldovan, etc.)

– He was a martyr, executed for defending Christians persecuted by the Romans. (He was also a bit of a bad-ass, legend has it that when attempts to kill him by crushing him between two spiked wheels failed, he was then boiled in molten lead.  When that failed, he was beheaded. )