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Meals Designed for Weight Loss!

If you’re looking for a healthy weight loss plan then it’s time to say goodbye to extreme diets and hello to a balanced diet plan that’s good for you! Balance Box delivers tasty meals that will keep you full all day straight to your door, saving you shopping and cooking time.

Using only fresh, ethically sourced ingredients, created by expert chefs and nutritionists who really love what they do. Balance Box is delivering nationwide and we are super excited that more people will be able to enjoy our delicious food designed to make you feel healthier, achieve weight loss and save you time.

The Balance Box team have loved developing the concept, the recipes and even the clever little things that hold our pots in the delivery boxes, we are ready to share it with you and hope that you love it too!

We make the choices so you don’t have to. As a general rule, to lose weight sustainably, choose The Lighter Menu Plan (about 1200 calories) and if you want more sustenance go for The Market Menu (about 1800 calories).

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