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Woman exercising outdoors to strengthen her leg muscles

We all have our favourite excuse for missing a work-out.   It was raining / too hot / too cold; we forgot our trainers / water bottle / headphones…

Or – the most common one (at least at Balance Box HQ) – we ran out of time.   That’s no longer an excuse here at your favourite diet delivery company however; ever since we discovered that skipping is one of the best exercises you can do to supplement a weight loss diet,  we never leave the house without our trusty skipping rope!

As well as burning an impressive 1,300 calories an hour, skipping is a fabulous cardiovascular work-out, improves muscle tone in your upper and lower body, and is great for balance and coordination.  As high-intensity interval training goes, nothing beats it.  And best of all, it can be done any time, anywhere, all the while giving a boost to your healthy diet plan




So, to spread the skipping love, we’re giving away this fabulous Cayman Fitness skipping rope.  All you have to do is tell us  your go-to excuse for skipping (sorry…!) your work out…