Put the “Fancy” in Fancy Dress


It’s only a matter of time before your invitation for the dreaded Fancy Dress arrives…fear not!

Here are 5 tips to bear in mind to step up to the challenge!

  • Think UK, not US. Dress fancy-don’t don a costume.
  • Take the theme-add some class.
  • Ask yourself-how ridiculous will I look waiting for a taxi at 3 AM? If the answer is “very”, then rein it in.
  • Head or body-rarely both. If the outfit requires ludicrous makeup/hair, then keep the clothing as simple as you can. Likewise, if your outfit steals the show, no-one is going to be looking at your face. Don’t go overboard with both. (Remember the 3 am rule!).
  • If all else fails, or you just cannot face “dressing up”-no-one will ever criticise a little black dress/black tie option.
  • Accessorise with red lipstick/slicked back hair, and own the room!