WW Classic Box

Our most popular menu, perfect for people who enjoy eating everything.

All our boxes are free from wheat, shellfish and pork as standard.

Exclusive PersonalPoints™ Programme for WW Balance Box customers.

Interested in calorie-controlled meal plans including snacks from Balance Box?
Order here.

Balance Box is not able to take any dietary requirements into account. If you have specific needs please contact our sister company The Pure Package who will be able to help. Please note our chefs also cook with common allergens such as gluten so if you have a serious allergy you should take this into consideration. We can’t guarantee there is no trace.

2 deliveries per week. Including a 3-day box delivered on Friday, and a 4-day box delivered on Monday. So, all your food for every day of the week

Delivered on Monday by 6:30am. It contains your meals for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Delivered on Friday by 6:30am. It contains your meals for Friday, Saturday and Sunday

When you subscribe to Balance Box you’ll receive your choice of box each week for four consecutive weeks at a time on a rolling payment.

This is a one-off payment for either a single delivery of a 3-day box, single delivery of a 4-day box or both deliveries to account for the full week


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