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What are the benefits of choosing Balance Box?


Fresh ingredients

Sustainably sourced

Highly nutritional

Curated by experts

Prepared by chefs

Plant-based healthy eating has never been so easy

The Balance Box Plant-Based box is free from meat, faux meat, dairy, animal products, wheat, gluten, preservatives, additives, refined carbohydrates and sugar to ensure you receive all the nutrients you should want or need as someone cutting out or reducing meat and animal bi-products.

Your meals are created by nutritionists and prepared with care

Our nutritionists and chefs have worked to create nutrient-dense menus using a diverse array of plant proteins and wholesome, deliciously prepared plant and whole foods, creating meals that taste exciting and make plant-based eating anything but a chore.

Balance Box Healthy Meal Delivery

Providing you with fresh, ethically sourced food is extremely important to us

Balance Box meals are prepared and delivered fresh, never frozen. Our team of expert chefs sources natural, ethically produced ingredients for each menu. All our fresh produce is supplied locally from New Covent Garden Market, just a short walk away, minimising our carbon footprint. The provenance and freshness of our food here at Balance Box is of the utmost importance.

Calorie-controlled meals have never been so delicious and fulfilling

Balance Box meals are portion-controlled to help you either lose or maintain weight. Offering the Lighter Plan at 1200-1300 calories a day, and the Market Plan at 1700-1800 calories a day, Balance Box makes healthy eating and weight loss simple without compromising on flavour or leaving you hungry. 

Try Balance Box today and get 10% OFF all new orders

Use code SUMMER10 at chekout

Bring Balance Box into your life

I chose to follow a plant-based diet a year ago after deciding I wanted to make some environmental and ethical changes in my life. While first I found planning new meals exciting and fun, after a while it became tiresome and boring, and I’d end up eating much of the same things each day. I’d sometimes cut corners and buy meat alternatives that I knew weren’t great for me but helped to fill the hole.

I’m a time-poor person and really don’t have the time to be going out and buying specialty ingredients and planning and cooking new meals each day. My plant-based lifestyle had started to become a chore, but I so badly wanted to stick to it.

That’s when I discovered Balance Box and their new Plant-Based box. Balance Box supplies me with all of my daily meals and snacks so that I don’t have to shop or cook a single thing! Because I am provided with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks each day I never seem to get hungry, and it’s so refreshing to never have to worry about what I’m having for my next meal.

Not only that, but I’m getting such a vast array of plant foods in my diet- far more than I could’ve provided for myself! There’s nothing worse than buying all new ingredients in, using them once, and watching the rest go off. This isn’t a problem with Balance Box, as their varied and exciting meals mean I’ve been eating at least 30 fruits and vegetables each week! 

The meals are delicious and filling, and I’ve never had so much extra time to myself. My evenings are so much smoother now all I have to do is pop my meal in the microwave and wait, and my easy breakfasts give me so much extra time in the mornings.

The most surprising thing though, especially as each meal has filled and satisfied me, is that I’ve lost weight! Balance Box meals can help you maintain or lose weight, and I’ve lost more weight than I’ve ever lost on any other fad diet. I’m so happy to have discovered Balance Box’s Plant-Based Box, and would recommend anyone following a way of eating- plant-based, vegetarian, or just trying to reduce meat, to give it a go.  

Balance Box has helped many people to live more healthy lives, achieve their weight loss goals and spend more time doing the things they love.

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Balance Box meals are cooked and prepared fresh and delivered directly from our kitchen to your front door.

Any questions? Contact our team on 020 7720 8583 or email

Our Balance Box Guarantee

We deliver 3-4 days of delicious and freshly prepared meals that are ready to heat or just eat. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks are ready for you to enjoy each day, all you have to do is pop them in the fridge for when you’re ready. At breakfast you can expect a variety of yummy homemade muesli, nut butters with fresh fruit and rye bread, to name a few. Lunch could be a soup or salad- such as our Mushroom chermoula salad, always packed with veggies and plant protein. Dinner is always something substantial, such as one of our delicious curries, quinoa risottos, or our delicious Tandoori tofu with Bombay cauliflower. You will also get 2 delicious snacks for each day – you really won’t need to go near the shops!