Prioritise Pleasure

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The Key To Successful Weight Loss

When you focus on counting calories and measuring food your brain starts obsessing about it and ignoring the more important aspects of your life, to the point where you aren’t really “living”. Add in a deprivation mindset where you constantly tell yourself you can’t have what you really want and  you start living in a way that feels unsatisfying and devoid of pleasure. When food becomes our primary source of happiness, we’re naturally going to eat more of it.

In order to break this cycle of deprivation, boredom and over eating, we believe you need to incorporate more enjoyment into your life. By delegating your diet to us, you’ll have more time and energy to do the things you love. Plus our meals are created by foodies and are actually designed to be a pleasure.



Three delicious, freshly prepared meals and two snacks delivered to your door.

Choose from our:

Lighter Menu Plan – 1200 calories a day

Market Menu Plan – 1800 calories a day




Our chefs work tirelessly to prepare perfectly balanced meals, full of fresh, seasonal and nourishing ingredients. More importantly they craft meals that taste fanttic so you never feel deprived or hungry.


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