Weight Loss

Weight loss … it’s about Balance!

Weight loss can of course be a challenge, whilst trying to juggle a busy life and have a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  Staying on track with your healthy eating can be hard. With so much conflicting nutrition information, poor dietary advice and quick-fix promises, it can all be truly overwhelming.

The good news is that you don’t have to crash diet or do anything extreme in order to achieve your weight loss target. With Balance Box, you get delicious, ready-made food delivered straight to your door. Each day has its own nutritionally-balanced and calorie-controlled healthy eating plan designed by our expert nutritionists, helping you lose weight the easy (and tasty) way without deprivation diets, stress or setbacks.

Balance Box are here to help  – we deliver healthy meals direct to your door – making dieting simpler than it has ever been!.


I’m too busy to go on a diet, I don’t have time!

You’re a busy person, we get that, and you also want to achieve weight loss with food that tastes great and at your convenience too!

Using only fresh, ethically sourced ingredients, our expert qualified chefs and nutritionists at Balance Box, really love what they do. They make freshly prepared calorie-controlled meals that are designed to be delicious, healthy eating that will help you achieve your weight loss goals, make you feel healthier, and as an added bonus save you time!.


What is in a Balance Box?

No need to plan, shop or chop, we do it all!   Each box contains 3 or 4 days of food and these are made up of breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks per day – you really won’t need to go near the shops!


We help you achieve weight loss goals – We don’t neglect any food groups at Balance Box and believe that a diet made up of healthy fats, lean proteins and complex carbohydrates is the key to balanced, happy, healthy, long-term weight loss results.


Only the good stuffBalance Box meals don’t contain any refined carbohydrates, refined sugars and unnecessary additives or preservatives, meaning that the diet food delivered to your home is as healthy and natural as possible. The food is free-range and ethical we source locally and organically where appropriate, and we even have a variety of plans from our classic box, to our vegetarian, pescatarian and free-from programs for you to try.


Plenty of choice – Whether you’re looking to cut calories or simply eat healthier, Balance Box has a diet delivery box for you!


Is dropping to 1200 calories a day the right thing for you?

If you already eat more than 2,500 calories a day, 1200 calories may leave you feeling that you are ‘missing out’.    We recommend you kick start your new weight loss diet plan at 1800 calories a day with our Balance Box Market  plan,  which is a generous delicious 1800 calories per day.   At 1800 calories per day, your plan to lose weight will start at a gentle steady pace and you will start to enjoy your new healthy lifestyle.


My weight loss has plateaued, why?

Have you noticed your weight loss has plateaued?  Why is that?  Well, when the calories you are burning equals the number of calories you are eating, you may find that your weight loss will reach a plateau.   Maybe that’s the time to switch to our Balance Box Lighter plan,  which is an equally delicious weight loss meal delivery plan,  but at 1200 calories per day. which will help you to continue with your recent success in losing weight.  Once you have reached your ideal weight, you can continue with Balance Box to maintain the new you.   Balance Box will ensure every day is full of great wholesome, balanced and nutritious meals.

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Weight loss meals delivered twice a week

You tell us which style of food box you prefer and what portion size you want, then our expert nutritionists and chefs will freshly prepare your menu and meals, which are delivered directly to your door, UK-wide. It’s that easy!

Nationwide (that’s really everywhere – almost) :

  • 3 Day box – Delivered on Tuesdays before 5:30pm by DPD (so in time for dinner). Ordered by midnight on Tuesday to receive a diet box the following Tuesday.
  • 4 Day box – Delivered on Fridays before 5:30pm by DPD (so in time for dinner). Ordered by midnight on Sunday to receive a box the following Friday.

Inside the Capital/big smoke (that’s London) :

  • 3 Day box – Delivered on Fridays between 10pm & 6:30am (so in time for breakfast). We will leave your diet box delivery in your requested safe place. Order by midnight on Sunday to receive a diet box the following Friday.
  • 4 Day box – Delivered on Mondays between 10pm & 6:30am (so in time for breakfast). We will leave your box in your requested safe place. Order by midnight on Tuesday to receive a box the following Monday.