Sample Menus

Balance Box makes healthy eating simpler than ever before.  You’ll receive three meals and two snacks a day, carefully prepared by our amazing chefs using fresh produce from the market.  The Balance Box menus are expertly designed by our nutritionists ensuring the nutritional balance is right for every day.

Our new Rejuvenating Balance Box is here to help you regain balance with an extra focus on nutritionally dense ingredients including

  • flaxseeds and chia seeds in your breakfasts for a fibre hit giving a fuller feeling and sustained energy to avoid cravings
  • natural ingredients from oats to omegas to fuel endorphins, giving a morale boost
  • an extra-large allowance of British grown herbs for their anti-inflammatory properties and fresh flavour
  • a minimum of 10 fruits and vegetables to optimise overall nutrition.

We have four different menus to choose from, depending on your dietary requirements:

  • Classic Box;  Our most popular menu, perfect for people who enjoy eating everything.
  • Vegetarian Box;  Delicious and nutritionally balanced meals, perfect for vegetarians.
  • Pescatarian Box;  Similar to our Classic box but without the meat!
  • Free From Box;  Perfectly balanced meals created without meat, fish, gluten and cow’s dairy.

Each menu can be ordered in a choice of two different portion sizes;  The ‘Lighter Plan’ at around 1200 calories a day or the ‘Market Plan’ at around 1800 calories per day.