When Was The Last Time You Were Kind To Yourself?

If you’ve ever felt a bit low or that things are getting on top of you and can’t put your finger on why… ask yourself when the last time you were kind to yourself. I know this seems an odd question, but when were you REALLY kind to YOURSELF?

Self-compassion is an odd concept to get your head around. When we think about being compassionate, we automatically think of kindness to or from others. That time someone gave you a bunch of flowers to say ‘thanks’, the cup of coffee you made someone at work ‘just because’, that little note you left someone to cheer them up.

What about the flowers you gave yourself, the cup of coffee your made yourself and the note you wrote yourself to cheer you up? These are all acts of self-compassion.

Self-compassion is a personal experience and can manifest itself in different ways. Here are just a few acts of kindness your can try:

Make a list

Write a list of all the things that are important to you (this alone can be an act of kindness by giving yourself time to think and get the balance right) this could include:

  • Get outside more – a lovely walk in the countryside
  • Beauty regime – file and paint those nails, stick to a cleanse and moisturize routine
  • Wardrobe cleanse – get reacquainted with your wardrobe, pair up items, ditch those old clothes you’ve not worn in years
  • Plan some you time – if you feel like you have no time to yourself, plan it in your diary – even if it is 30 minutes!
  • Read a book – it’s so easy to sit in front of the TV to relax, but why not put that focus to a juicy novel?
  • Write a blog – feel passionate about something? It’s extremely relaxing to put pen to paper and jot down your thoughts

 Stick to your training plan

  • If you don’t have a fitness plan or are having trouble keeping motivated, try and stick with it. The very fact you want to get fit and the reasons behind it should motivate you. Exercising is one of the biggest acts of kindness you can give yourself. It’s a great way to love and respect your body.

Eat well

  • We all know that feeling when we have overindulged. Guilt, sluggish, lethargic… We all know we need to eat well to be healthy, we all know that buzz we get from eating the right foods balanced with the right exercise.
  • Plan out your meals in advance so there is less temptation to snack on the wrong foods at the wrong time.
  • Let Balance Box do the hard work for you. We want you to focus on the acts of kindness that are important to you, that’s why we can be your healthy food delivery service. Our plans are designed to fit around you and take the stress away.

So next time you are kind to someone else, think about how you can be kind to yourself.

“Talk to yourself like you would someone you love” ~ Brene Brown