It isn’t just Glastonbury, V and the Isle of Wight…

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a festival must involve mud, music, and a bucolic English village.  Here are 5 festivals even your most hipster of friends probably hasn’t heard of:

Monkey Buffet Festival, Thailand: When we first heard of this, some of our more carnivorous staff licked their lips with relish… Sadly, the name is somewhat misleading. The buffet is for the monkeys, not made from them.  Notwithstanding that, watching hundreds of monkeys go bananas (sorry) over tables laiden with food just for them is quite a sight, and draws thousands of visitors each year.

Oulu Music Video Festival, Finland:  This Finnish town is famous for this festival which hosts the annual Air Guitar World Championships. So turn on Guns N Roses and start practising now…

Baby Jumping Festival, Spain:  Unfortunately, the babies themselves don’t jump in this Spanish festival, that would be impressive.  Still, the sight of men dressed up as the devil leaping over small babies is quite a sight to behold.

Night of the Radishes, Mexico: If you feel the need to release your inner radish-carving artist, then this is the festival for you.  Celebrated at sun-down on December 23, participants create elaborate figures out of the Mexican radish – a larger, tubar-esque variant of its smaller European cousin.

Roswell UFO Festival, USA:  Well of course this would be held in Roswell, USA, home (allegedly) of a crashed UFO and alien crew in 1947. Over this three-day event, visitors dress up as their favourite alien, attend lectures by UFO spotters, and conjure of conspiracy theories that would make your head spin.