Inside every man is a secret Agent trying to get out…



Here are our top 5 tips for releasing your inner Bond…

  • You don’t have to drink a Martini. But whatever cocktail or mixed drink you do drink, know how to order it properly-be assertive, confident, and know your ingredients. No more house-pours, please.
  • Invest in a bespoke suit. It doesn’t have to break the bank, but the better quality it is, the better the cut. You will feel-and look-like the worlds sexiest secret agent in a suit which has been made to fit only you.
  • Learn how to tie a bow tie properly. Yes we know you’ll probably never need to use this skill, but it’s impressive nonetheless.
  • Read at least one broadsheet a day. No, the online version doesn’t count.
  • And finally-always be a gentleman. Perfect manners, holding doors open, turning off your phone in company and looking into people’s eyes when speaking to them. (We can’t believe that we actually have to remind you of this.)