Healthy breakfast ideas to help you lose weight

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We don’t know who “they” are, but they must not be living a very balanced life!

All meals are important, and breakfast is no exception. Skipping breakfast is never a good idea. After all, it’s one of the tastiest times of the day.

So to kick-start your day, we’ve shared some of our top healthy breakfast ideas to help you lose weight healthily and sustainably.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

The Benefits of Eating Breakfast

You might have heard that breakfast gets its name because you’re “breaking the fast” you were having by not eating all night, but the benefits of eating breakfast extend throughout the day, as well.

Without eating breakfast, you’re likely to be craving the crisps by the time you get to work. Eating a healthy and filling breakfast will keep those pesky junk food cravings away throughout the morning, keeping you satisfied and energised.

The benefits of healthy eating at breakfast can extend all the way to bedtime, as well. When you begin your morning making healthy choices, you’ll be more motivated to keep it up all throughout the day.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Don’t forget that there’s more to healthy eating than just nutrition – it’s meant to make you look better and feel better, too (emphasis on that last one).

With that in mind, here are some of our top healthy breakfast ideas to help you lose weight.Roasted Stone Fruit Granola

  • Fresh fruit with organic rye bread and cashew nut butter

Fruit is a wonderfully refreshing way to invigorate your morning, and cashew nuts contain significant amounts of iron, an essential mineral for the production of red blood cells.

  • Roasted pear granola

A truly delectable breakfast, slow-roasted pears go great with low-fat natural yoghurt. Just top with granola for a treat that tastes good and is good for you.

  • Banana and Blueberry Overnight Oats

Blueberries get their colour from anthocyanins, which may also reduce the risk of heart disease. Better still, they taste absolutely amazing scattered on top of Bircher muesli with a dollop of low-fat natural yoghurt.

  • Stewed apricots

There’s more to breakfast than classic eggs and toast. Stewed apricots are a tasty treat to start off your day and are a fun alternative to the classic banana or other breakfast fruits. They’re also rich in fibre and iron – it’s a win-win!

  • Date bircher

If you’ve hopped on the bircher bandwagon, try some blitzed dates with low-fat natural yoghurt, oats and a hint of lemon juice. A light yet hardy breakfast such as this is a great way to energise your morning.

Fancy trying these brilliant brekkies for yourself? If you’re worried that you won’t have the time to prepare these healthy breakfasts each day, we’ve got you covered – they’re all meals you can have delivered straight to your door from Balance Box.

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