Old-fashioned Halloween


Halloween doesn’t have to be a movie sugar-fest! Here are four ways to create fun-and healthy-Halloween traditions for your family.

  • Turn off the TV and bring back the old games! Get bobbing for apples (remember the mess you loved to make as a kid?!), catch a swinging apple in your mouth, have pumpkin-carving competitions…
  • Dim the lights, get the candles going, and brush up on your ghost-story skills. Kids love being scared, and if you can add a few sound effects-and a ghostly breeze or two-all the better! One trick certain to keep them awake at night is to prep the candles to blow out “”on their own”. Cut each candle in two at different lengths, remove part of the wick, then join the cut ends back together by softening the wax with heat. Once lit, they’ll all go out, one by one…
  • End the evening with Hearty Halloween fare: Witches’ hair with blood: Top green (spinach) or black (squid ink) spaghetti with puréed tomato sauce; Eyeballs: Stuff halved mini mozzarella into halved cherry tomatoes, with a piece of black olive in the middle of the cheese; Gory Potatoes: bake potatoes and mash the hot potato flesh with shredded mozzarella then top with squirts of tomato ketchup; Slime soup: A bowl of puréed pea soup, mixed with shredded mozzarella balls, is sure to get them screaming in delight!
  •  Finally, by-pass the candy for easy-and healthy-home-made treats. Chocolate Apples: Dip whole Cox’s apples in melted dark chocolate, and coat with dehydrated berries/fruit pieces; Frozen Banana Ghosts: Cut bananas in half and put a wooden stick in the base; cover the bananas with honey and sprinkle with dessicated coconut; use melted dark chocolate to add chocolate eyes and a mouth, before freezing for at least 6 hours; Mini pumpkins: Make up a tray of these simple treats-just peel a satsuma, and place a piece of chopped celery sticking out of the top. That’s it!