Diet Plans

Diet Plans

You need to take care of yourself, and nothing energises both body and mind like healthy eating. Instead of stressing over calories or struggling to devise your own healthy meals each day, following a diet plan is a much simpler way to remain healthy and energised.

With all the different types of diet plans, it can be overwhelming selecting the right one to satisfy your budget and schedule, not to mention your stomach.

We’re going to explore four of the most popular diet plans, stacking them up against one another by looking at their pros and cons and seeing how they compare to Balance Box. Once you understand how each diet plan works, you’ll uncover the secret to improving your health without changing your routine.

Comparing Different Types of Diet Plans

  • The Low Carb Diet Plan

The low carb diet plan has been around for years. Some think it’s a classic diet that keeps delivering, while others think it’s a fad that won’t go away.

The truth – it’s a little bit of both.


  • Found in foods high in sugar and flour, carbs are one of the biggest contributors to weight gain. That’s why otherwise healthy foods like bread cause us to gain weight. The low carb diet plan removes the bulk of those fattening carbs from your diet, making weight loss a much easier goal.


  • If done improperly, the low carb diet plan can lead to nutrient deficiency. Cutting carbs opens the door to cutting important vitamins and nutrients, as well, so you have to be careful when choosing which foods to give the axe.
  • Dieters are often told that they can eat as much saturated fat as they like if they avoid carbs. That’s just not true, as too many saturated fats increase your risk for heart disease, obesity and cancer.

How Does It Compare to Balance Box?

Your Balance Box is carefully created to offer a balanced diet. That means just enough complex carbs to keep you energised while reducing the sugary and processed carbs that cause you to put on weight.

  • The Protein Diet Plan

Delivering a double punch, the protein diet plan works two ways: 1) it controls your insulin levels, keeping your metabolism in check, and 2) it strengthens your muscles, giving you more energy and a leaner figure.


  • By influencing your metabolism, the protein diet plan deliverers weight loss relatively quickly. That means you won’t have to wait around for weeks before seeing results.
  • Lots of protein improves your general health, lowering your cholesterol and strengthening your muscles. Best of all, it won’t leave you hungry.


  • Weight loss slows after the initial decrease, causing many dieters to give up before getting any further results.
  • Many people forget fruits and vegetables while on the protein diet plan, which the established nutritional community warns can lead to a serious nutritional deficit.
  • Meat is the most common source of protein, but any meat that isn’t organic will contain all kinds of harmful chemicals, such as growth hormones. Antibiotics are also used widely in the meat industry to counteract the unsanitary conditions, but this build-up of antibiotics in the food chain is leading to drug-resistant bacteria, like MRSA.

How Does It Compare to Balance Box?

Balance Box is a well-rounded diet plan that you don’t have to think about. It comes handmade with all the important nutrients you need, containing meals that are rich in protein and fruits and vegetables. Whether you go for our standard or veggie option, you’ll always get the vital nutrients you need in order to lose weight and stay healthy.

  • The Vegan Diet Plan

In addition to being the moral option, the vegan diet plan is simple on paper. All you have to do is forgo foods that contain animal products. This includes meat, cheese, milk, eggs and any processed foods that contain animal ingredients.



  • Cutting animal ingredients out of your diet lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol and lowers your risk for heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and even cancer.
  • The vegan diet plan may increase your antioxidant levels because of all the extra fruits and vegetables. This means better skin, a stronger immune system and added protection against a handful of other health issues, including memory problems.



  • Following a vegan diet plan doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be eating any healthier. Eating lots of junk food still won’t be great for your health, and lots of processed vegan foods use all kinds of weird and wonderful additives to supplement animal products.
  • A vegan diet is naturally low in calcium, vitamin D, iron, vitamin B12, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids. That means you’ll need to seek out nutritional supplements to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need.


How Does It Compare to Balance Box?
Diet Plans

The vegan diet plan is great for anyone looking to reduce their meat consumption, but you might have to take nutritional supplements.

Balance Box offers vegetarian options, meaning that you can go meat free without the added work, stress and health risks of the vegan diet plan.

  • The 5:2 Diet Plan

When following the 5:2 diet plan, you can eat absolutely whatever you want for five days a week. For the other two days, which must be dispersed throughout the week, you must fast, consuming only a few calories a day.


  • You can eat whatever you want five days a week! As long as you fast on the other two days, you don’t have to worry about counting calories or tracking your food.
  • The 5:2 diet plan is purported to increase life expectancy, prevent certain cancers and protect against dementia.
  • Intermittent fasting can cause your body to use more fat as an energy source, which means losing weight while remaining energised. It also boosts your immune system, clears your skin and promotes longevity.


  • Those two days of fasting can lead to overeating during the rest of the week.
  • The 5:2 diet plan may cause adverse health effects, including trouble sleeping, dehydration and anxiety.
  • The lack of nutrients and carbohydrates on fasting days makes most people irritable, making it hard to maintain over a long period.

How Does It Compare to Balance Box?

Balance Box gives you the comfort of eating well seven days a week, providing meals and snacks that won’t leave you hungry. They’re designed by expert nutritionists, which means that you’ll be following a healthy diet plan without the hassle of fasting.

Not All Diet Plans Are Created Equally
Diet Plans

Following one specific diet plan often neglects certain nutrients that come naturally with a balanced diet, particularly when that diet plan requires you to reduce or eliminate a particular food group.

It’s also difficult to keep up a specific diet plan over a long period of time, but that’s exactly what you need to do if you want to look after the long-term future of your health.

Balance Box is the no-stress option. You don’t have to worry about cutting carbs or boosting protein. You don’t even have to count calories, as we do that for you, and Balance Box is delivered directly to your door. No planning, no hassle, just a balanced meal that tastes delectable every time.

For a healthy diet plan that you can easily integrate into your current routine, look no further. Start losing weight the simple way and order your first Balance Box today!