Get Ahead

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Remember Your New Year’s Resolutions?

You made them for a reason. If feeling healthier or losing weight were on your list and you’ve veered off track, go back and recall why you set that goal. Remember how determined you were.

Instead of waiting for the first glimpse of t-shirt weather to hurriedly jump out of the winter slump, get ahead of the game. Start now, so you glide into summer feeling more confident in your own skin. It’s tempting to defer until the kids go back to school, to wait until work is less busy or after the bank holiday weekend because you know you’ll indulge but there’s never a perfect time. We’re not suggesting you should deprive yourself over the long weekend (we’re advocates of a healthy balance and the odd treat) but getting ahead now will ensure you have time to adjust to the changes you’ll be making in your diet and exercise, helping you to reach your goal for summer.



Three delicious, freshly prepared meals and two snacks delivered to your door.

Chose from our:

Lighter Menu Plan – 1200 calories a day

Market Menu Plan – 1800 calories a day



Our chefs work tirelessly to prepare perfectly balanced meals, full of fresh, seasonal and nourishing ingredients. Most importantly they craft meals that taste fantastic so you never feel deprived or hungry.

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