What is February good for? We promise it does have some good points

– It’s easy to dismiss February as a waste of a month, cold, bleak, damp; at least it’s short, right? But it isn’t all gloom. Here are 5 things which we think are worth celebrating about February!

– This is a great month for picking wonderful veggies from the bleak, frosty vegetable patch, as well as cauliflower, leeks, purple sprouting broccoli, and Jerusalem artichokes are all in season now.

– Drape your home (and yourself) in red and gold, set off some fireworks, and go dumpling-mad! This year Chinese New Year falls on February 19th.

– Get shucking! British oysters are begging to be eaten in February! Although the season runs from September to April, oyster aficionados claim that this is the best month for oysters native to the British Isles.

– Valentine’s Day is over for another year. Enough said.

– And if none of that appeals, pack your bags and head east,  February is, weather wise, a fabulous time to visit South-East Asia!