When do you deliver?

We have two delivery structures based on where you live:


Our weekday boxes are delivered on a Monday morning before 7:00am. Our weekend boxes are delivered on a Friday morning before 7:00am.
We deliver your box like old fashioned milk bottles and have no intention of disturbing you – the box will be sitting on your doorstep (or wherever you ask us to leave it).


Our 3 day boxes are delivered on a Tuesday morning between 8:00am and 17:30pm and our 4 day boxes are delivered on a Friday morning between 8:00am and 17:30pm. We use a courier who likes your autograph on delivery however if you aren’t going to be in just let us know and we can try to make other arrangements.

If you need your box by a certain time or live in an apartment, just say – we are a pretty determined bunch so will do our best to get the box to you safely and on time!

Please note that our boxes are designed to stay cool until you receive them – this is normally until 18:00pm on the day of delivery, so it is important that you refrigerate your food by this time so that it keeps nice and fresh!