You don’t need to be drunk to meet a Leprechaun…

Ruined stoine dwelling with beehive hut, Ireland
…But is certainly helps! You DO, however, need to be in Ireland.

Here are our top Irish spots for leprechaun hunting! (And if you don’t see one, don’t fret, the fabulous scenery will work its magic on you…)

– Glendalouch, Co Wicklow, a UNESCO world heritage site, home of a perfect medieval round tower, nestled in a valley beside two beautiful lakes. Beautiful, and historic, and thought to host the Leprechaun Aqua games.

– Skellig Michael, Co Kerry. Another UNESCO site, this is essentially a large granite rock soaring out of the Atlanic some 12 miles from the coast, on top of which is perched an ancient monastery,  some 200 metres above the sea. The leprechauns are rumoured to have moved to nearby Small Skellig during recent Star Wars filming, in protest at having been turned down as extras.

– Fahan, Co Kerry. Perched on the edge of the Atlantic is a cluster of stone beehive huts, dating from prehistoric times, some of which lie within stone ring forts. Leprechaun retreats are often hosted here.

– The Cliffs of Mohar, Co Clare,  5 miles of sheer granite cliffs rising 700 feet from the Atlantic. (Keep an eye out for the teeny 6-inch high fence, installed after a few clumsy Leprechauns lost their footing last year.)

– Trinity College, Dublin. Despite being in the heart of Ireland’s capital city, Trinity is home to a huge network of intellectual Leprechauns. Look for the mini-snug in the College’s Buttery Bar.