You don’t have to have your ear pressed against the every door in Fleet Street to have noticed how much press coverage we’re getting. For those of you who are deliberating over whether to join us or not, have a read through of these latest press reviews….it might just be time to believe the hype!

*results may vary for each individual

In the Press

The Metro

“They arrive in handy pots you can easily put in your bag to take to work.”

Daily Express

“The diet definitely changed my attitude towards food. I felt healthier as I was eating a wide variety of fresh vegetables and health snacks.” *

OK! Magazine

“As well as being convenient, the Balance Box meals are ethically sourced and seasonal. There is a lot of variety so you don’t get bored.”

Cosmopolitan Body Special

“Balance Box’s unique selling point is that all its food is super fresh…….I genuinely had more room in my jeans.” *

New Magazine

“The evening meals are the best. I loved the peri-peri chicken and chilli-con carne.”

Woman’s Own Diet Special

“It was refreshing to eat such a wide variety of meals over the week… well as losing 3 lb after a week, I slept better than I have done in years.” *

Yahoo! Lifestyle

“Balance Box is all about nutrition but simplified into healthy balanced meals with snacks…….really simple and really yummy.”

Sunday Times Style

“Scrumptious, fresh, calorie-controlled meals on your doorstep in ready-to-eat pots.” View article here.

All in London

“To be honest, it barely felt like dieting.” View article here.

You Magazine

“After 4 days I felt lighter, brighter and full of energy.” *

Body Fit Magazine

“Made me realise diet food doesn’t have to be bland and boring.” View article here.

Zest Magazine

“Purse friendly, but the food is anything but budget – it is market-fresh, seasonal and ethically sourced.” View article

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Customer Reviews

The people featured below have tried balance box – our weight loss diet delivery service – and have much to say about the body benefits …

Jess, Brighton

“After having my baby 4 months ago I still had some stubborn pounds to lose. I did the 1800 plan as I was breastfeeding and needed the extra calories – and I still lost half a stone in the first 10 days! I’m really delighted – the food was always delicious and filling, and you were a pleasure to deal with” *

Kerry, London

“I absolutely loved my first week of balance box. Every meal was delicious and I had to call to double check I had the 1200 calorie box because I felt that I had so much to eat.
Felt super healthy at the end of the four days. Had lost 1lb after 4 days which was great and I never felt like I was on a diet.
Have recommended balance box to EVERYONE.” *

Millie Mackintosh, Made in Chelsea star

“It was amazing! Fresh ingredients put together with some simple and healthy recipes into perfectly sized pots… the fruit and nut bar snacks kept hunger away, and it didn’t ever feel like a diet!” *

*results may vary for each individual

Liz T, London

“I just wanted to thank you so much for your amazing food! I have tried many eating plans over the years and this is by far the most superior by a mile. In my first proper week of Balance Box I have lost 5 pounds whilst still eating healthily on my other 3 days and so you have completely revolutionised things for me and how I eat for the future.” January 2014 *

Simon, Brighton

“Trying balance box has changed my perception around just how varied and tasty your diet can be if you want to lose some weight. I would never be able to find time to put together a menu like this, so having it delivered is worth every penny!!” *

Satty, Guildford

“balance box – Thank you for rescuing meal times! I am a busy lady juggling two young children, a career and a busy household. Whilst I make good food for the kids, I struggle to find the time to make good food every night for my husband and I. The meals you provided are spot on – healthy, tasty and they make you feel great. Thank you.” *

Paul, Sevenoaks

“I enjoyed balance box in the lead up to my wedding and found the convenience of knowing I was eating healthy, freshly prepared food every day, without any of the hassle of actually making it, a real joy. Gread idea, great food … I’ll be back!” *

Dani, London

“After a week on balance box, I felt healthier, energised and 3lbs lighter! It’s also the only ‘diet’ you’ll ever try where you don’t feel hungry and I can’t recommend it enough.” *

Clare, Lewis

“A great way to kick-start a new healthy eating regime. It is very helpful to have your meals for the week planned and prepared by the experts and I found it really easy to stick to the menu. You soon notice the benefits – a really great service!” *

Ben, London

“Convenient, tasty and very healthy. You will feel better and more energetic after just a week.” *

Caley, Buckinghamshire

“I lead a busy lifestyle running my own business so balance box is fantastic. I know that everyday I am eating a healthy and balanced diet. I don’t skip meals as it’s there and ready to eat! The food is fresh and fabulous. It’s great to come home after a busy day and be able to heat up dinner that tastes like a personal chef has just cooked it for you!” *

Grant, Surrey

“balance box is fantastic! Great tasting healthy food conveniently delivered. Losing weight doesn’t get any easier!” *

Claire, London

“Since using balance box I have not only eaten better but slept better, worked out harder, had so much more energy, greater concentration at work, plus lost weight!” *

Johanna Shirley, London

“I had fallen into a complete rut over the years putting weight on and off, but mainly on. I needed to be reminded quantities that I should be eating and a healthier option.

Balance Box has been a revelation. Two deliveries come each week with fresh and varied recipes. It has reminded me that you don’t have to be hungry if you are making better choices of what you eat. The recipes are different each week and are so enjoyable, fresh, tasty and filling. I had suffered from a back ache through being overweight and this has now disappeared and my energy levels have soared. In 6 weeks I have lost just over 1 stone and I am absolutely thrilled.

I have also worked out that I am not spending any more money than I was before on food shopping. I will be keeping up with the balance box until I reach my desired weight.

Thank you Balance Box!” *

Katarzyna, London

We’ve tested your diet not for weight management purposes but just because I could not stand cooking and it was fantastic. I no longer need it but we were enjoying it so much that I wanted to share it with you. It was colourful, tasty, filling and healthy. You should be really proud, it is simply the best food we’ve had in a long time and it was a diet! *

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