Our Healthy Eating Plans

We make the choices so you don’t have to. As a general rule, to lose weight sustainably, choose The Lighter Menu Plan (about 1200 calories) and if you want more sustenance go for The Market Menu (about 1800 calories).

Lighter Menu Plan

from £19.99

Market Menu Plan

from £24.99

Need some help choosing the best menu plan for you?
Click here for some guidance on BMI calculation.

What you’ll get:

A happier, healthier, lighter you, with more time to get on with your life.

All your food, so, a scrummy breakfast, lunch, dinner & 2 snacks for each day. You can choose to be veggie or wheat free too if you prefer.

Seasonal, ethical and market fresh ingredients in all your meals.

Convenience – Balance Box can be eaten anywhere: in the park; at your desk; in front of the TV.

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