Delegate Your Diet


The Secret To Willpower

Life can be a balancing act. The only way to get it all done is to delegate. If your weight loss ambitions are veering off track, it’s not you or your willpower, it’s just life spreading you too thin.

“People with the best self-control aren’t the ones who use it all day long. They’re people who structure their lives so they conserve it”

~ John Tierney, author of Willpower: Rediscovering The Greatest Human Strength

By outsourcing your nutrition planning to us, you are more likely to conserve enough willpower to go the distance and reach your goal. We’ll also ensure you are getting more than your five a day and eating a balance of nutrients to support healthy metabolism and immunity. It tastes so good, it doesn’t even feel like a diet and with snacks provided, you’ll never feel hungry.

Let us do the hard work, so you don’t have to.

Salad - Balance Box


Three delicious, freshly prepared meals and two snacks delivered to your door.

Choose from our:

Lighter Menu Plan – 1200 calories a day

Market Menu Plan – 1800 calories a day




Our chefs work tirelessly to prepare perfectly balanced meals, full of fresh, seasonal and nourishing ingredients. Most importantly, they craft meals that taste fantastic so you never feel deprived or hungry.


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