Celebrate the baby face!

A cropped shot of a happy man enjoying a skin treatment at the spa

Time was that having soft skin was something of an embarrassment to men; real men, after all, were hard and rugged and weathered looking. (And they certainly didn’t use a healthy food delivery service…)

We wonder what our lovely non-rugged clients would make of that? (Yes, we’re looking at you, James Cordon; and also you two, Ant and Dec!) Because as everyone has finally realised, the mark of a man isn’t the intensity of his workout or his healthy diet plan – it’s his skin-care regime! Even if that skin is covered (or partially covered) in a hipster beard – beard-care is just as important as skin-care!

Here are our top tips for getting – and maintaining – the male baby-face:

  • If you change nothing else, use a proper, facial soap. That green bar slowly melting into the dish by the sink? Ignore it. Regular hand-soap is packed with nasties which will strip your skin of their natural oils, leaving it dry and itchy, and later oily and pimply.
  • Much better however to use a facial wash. Go for one with glycolic acid in it. Use a small amount, twice a day, frothed up with cold water.
  • Exfoliate, twice a week. Basically, you need a boost to scrub away any dead cells which have built up.
  • There’s more. Moisturiser. Use twice a day, after washing. (If you can’t bring yourself to buy your own, steal some of your partner’s.)
  • Have a beard? Then the exfoliating step is key. Dead skin quickly builds up under a beard and facial dandruff is not something anyone should have to experience (or even see…). Go for a fine-grained, oil-free product, and remember to rinse well.
  • Water, water, water…Drink at least 8 glasses a day.

(If all that seems like product over-load, and you’d rather take the easy way out, help your skin glow from the inside out with our health food delivered directly to your door. Check it out here. The perfect balance of minerals, vitamins and other micro nutrients will help release your inner baby-face!)