Linda Barker, Designer

So- my Balance Box trial is finished and theres a noticeable empty shelf in my fridge where my pots of deliciouness used to hang out.  I ate healthily and really well for three days straight and wasnt hungry once.  The meals are filling, the portions generous and so fresh that it was a little bit like someone had popped round to cook up a supper healthy meal and just left it right there in my kitchen, no mess no prep and importantly no food waste. If I cook for myself it can pretty expensive because I love to eat loads for fresh salad, fruit and veg, but theres often four or five meals worth in a big shop so food can get repetitive and some ingredients can be wasted.  Balance Box is very low carbohydrate so even if you feel a slight urge to snack there were nuts, fruit bars and oatcakes to satisfy that craving too. Totally yummy.