Andrea McLean, TV Presenter

“I really enjoy using Balance Box. I thought Id give it a go as I found that during the COVID-19 lockdown I was snacking and munching way more than normal without the usual rushing around to work it off, and with very little motivation to stop. I completely lost sight of what a balanced diet should look like, it was all about making food that everyone would eat, based on what we could get, and it all seemed to revolve around pasta, bread and pudding – every day was like a holiday! Balance Box reminded me what I should be eating to feed my body tastily and healthily, not just for comfort. It was a great kick-start back into my normal healthy, balanced routine with food. Itreally easy to use – its all done for you – and cheerfully labelled so you know where you are. It’s one less thing to think about while running a business from home alongside being a mum, wife and head of laundry. Id definitely recommend it!