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“It’s such amazing value for money; there’s a huge range of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes in the Four Day Lighter Menu Plan with masses of different vegetables and everything I needed. I was never hungry but I lost 4lb in four days. The menus, which are planned by nutritional therapists and prepared by chefs, reflect Jennifer’s belief that food should be ethically sourced, the finest quality possible with the perfect balance of nutrients. It makes a massive different nutritionally, plus you gain an extra hour a day as you don’t have to cook’.”

Laura Whitemore

“I have tried a lot of different companies that send out meals and this has by far been the best!

Delicious food, felt full and easy to stick to! Thanks Lx”

Amanda Byram

“I absolutely loved my balance box ‘free from’. I am really mindful about what I eat, but sometimes I don’t have time to prepare my food as I travel a lot and I am on the go all the time. It’s on those occasions where balance box can come in extremely handy for a few days. It is delivered right to your door, it’s calorie controlled, nutritionally dense and most important of all….delicious”

Tina Hobley

“Really tasty and loads of it!! Never felt hungry.  The chicken curry is my favourite so far!”

Suzanne Shaw

“The four-day balance box I received was fresh and tasty with generous portions.

Being a working mum, I decided to use my four days of meals and snacks when I had a busy schedule. It meant once I’d sorted out my children’s meals, I could just grab my freshly made meals without worrying that I’d end up eating the first thing I came across (which is normally a sandwich) whilst I was out and about.

At first I was worried they wouldn’t be filling and would be a little bland but that absolutely wasn’t the case. Plus, I loved the snack bars, particularly the peanut butter one!

I highly recommend the box, especially if you’ve not got time to plan out your weekly meals and want to keep on top of healthy eating.

Many Thanks”

Charlotte Coleman

“Meals and snacks delivered directly to your door that are not just healthy but they taste absolutely delicious. Healthy eating has never been easier.”

Ok! Health

“Ethical eaters will love Balance Box, which is all about free range, seasonal ingredients”