“Balance Box only uses fresh and ethically sourced foods to ensure you get the right nutrition. You receive a delivery twice a week, which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner plus two snacks a day. I felt full all day and didn’t crave anything sweet. I enjoyed the big breakfast and lunch portions that set me up for the rest of the day, and then the smaller dinner ensured I didn’t go to bed feeling uncomfortable. It was super convenient and I looked forward to eating the delicious meals.”

You, Daily Mail

“It’s such amazing value for money; there’s a huge range of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes in the Four Day Lighter Menu Plan with masses of different vegetables and everything I needed. I was never hungry but I lost 4lb in four days. The menus, which are planned by nutritional therapists and prepared by chefs, reflect Jennifer’s belief that food should be ethically sourced, the finest quality possible with the perfect balance of nutrients. It makes a massive different nutritionally, plus you gain an extra hour a day as you don’t have to cook’.”

Sunday Times Magazine

“Dreaming of a personal dietician? Balance Box is the lazy dieter’s dream. Scrumptious, fresh, calorie-controlled meals on your doorstep in ready-to-eat…”


“Using only fresh and ethically sourced ingredients and boasting a team of expert chefs and nutritionists. I was beyond impressed with the menu, both in terms of variety and quality All the meals were delicious and well-balanced with a good mix of meat, fish and vegetarian options I genuinely looked forward to each meal. Three meals and two snacks kept me going. I wasn’t looking to lose weight but I definitely felt trimmer come day four.”


“There’s no miracle-maker, although Balance Box is pretty close to it. You get breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks, plus the food is super tasty, nothing like those diet prep meals you get in the supermarket – they taste homely. Overall I was feeling lighter.”

Country & Town House

“No food group is cut out and everything is nutritionally Balanced and packed full of flavour”

Daily Express

“The company is aimed at people who want to eat healthy, fresh food but find it difficult to find the time to cook.
Balance Box is ideal for people who want to eat well but don’t have time to cook meals from scratch It’s also great for those who struggle with portion control and all the ingredients are ethically sourced – so you can feel extra smug while shrinking your waistline.
I felt healthier as I was eating a wide variety of fresh vegetables and the healthy snacks helped me to resist the constant stream of biscuits and chocolate in the office.”

Wellbeing Escapes

“The food is well seasoned and tasty. I have tried other deliver companies where, although you are eating healthy, the meals are really quite bland. I lost 3 pounds in 4 days which is great and my stomach felt a bit flatter. I think it is really good value and could get used to it as it saves time and having to think about what to cook and eat especially in the evening. It really works for me. Also, a great way to balance your diet if you know that you have a lot of events, and dinners that will rack up your calorie content.”

The Handbook

“Made me look forward to my meals which required the bare minimum of effort from my end making it feel like I had my own chef and nutritionist”


“The closest thing to a personal nutritionist/ chef. Great for vegetarians who are looking for flavoursome food that isn’t a lazy meat alternative.”