Emeli Sande, Singer

“A creative menu of delicious, fresh food! The convenience of planned and prepared meals meant that I could dedicate myself fully to my time in the studio without compromising on nutrition.” 

Steve Pemberton, Comedian

“Balance Box took all the hassle out of eating sensibly and well for a few days.  The meals were healthy and tasty and the portion sizes were perfect so I never felt hungry.  The only downside was having the rest of my family raid the fridge for my meals!  A great way to kick-start a diet or maintain a healthy-eating plan” 

Laura Hamilton, TV Presenter

“I experienced Balance Box for 3 days and loved how easy and delicious the meals were. I opted for the reduced calorie menu and definitely didn’t go hungry! I can’t wait to try it again.” 

Gemma Whelan, Actress

“Thank you so much for my balance box last week and sorry it has taken me a little while to get back to you. 

 We really enjoyed the box. All the meals were generously portioned and honestly, I know it’s a cliche to say but I truly was fuller for longer on less. Just shows the right foods can really provide the long lasting energy and I didn’t really need the snacks between some of the meals. You’re really producing a fantastic product that’s smart and practical and really easy and tasty.” 

Alison Steadman, Actress

Thank you so much for sending Balance Box. We really enjoyed the whole experience. Every meal was great and exciting. Loved the fact that each meal was balanced’  and healthy but still tasty and filling. 

Dame Kelly Holmes, MBE

Balance Box is a great and convenient way to have healthy food delivered right to your door. 

Alistair Petrie, Actor

“Balance Box is amazing. What struck me was the combination of the flavours, the recipes themselves, the colours and just how FRESH everything was. Healthy eating has never felt so easy – and more importantly no food wastage.  

 Weve recycled, as storage containers, the pots too. Balance Box have nailed the genre. The very best form of ‘take out’ meals Ive come across.. and eating well without feeling like denying yourself anything. Genuinely great stuff. Thank you. 

Andrea McLean, TV Presenter

“I really enjoy using Balance Box. I thought Id give it a go as I found that during the COVID-19 lockdown I was snacking and munching way more than normal without the usual rushing around to work it off, and with very little motivation to stop. I completely lost sight of what a balanced diet should look like, it was all about making food that everyone would eat, based on what we could get, and it all seemed to revolve around pasta, bread and pudding – every day was like a holiday! Balance Box reminded me what I should be eating to feed my body tastily and healthily, not just for comfort. It was a great kick-start back into my normal healthy, balanced routine with food. Itreally easy to use – its all done for you – and cheerfully labelled so you know where you are. It’s one less thing to think about while running a business from home alongside being a mum, wife and head of laundry. Id definitely recommend it! 

Linda Barker, Designer

So- my Balance Box trial is finished and theres a noticeable empty shelf in my fridge where my pots of deliciouness used to hang out.  I ate healthily and really well for three days straight and wasnt hungry once.  The meals are filling, the portions generous and so fresh that it was a little bit like someone had popped round to cook up a supper healthy meal and just left it right there in my kitchen, no mess no prep and importantly no food waste. If I cook for myself it can pretty expensive because I love to eat loads for fresh salad, fruit and veg, but theres often four or five meals worth in a big shop so food can get repetitive and some ingredients can be wasted.  Balance Box is very low carbohydrate so even if you feel a slight urge to snack there were nuts, fruit bars and oatcakes to satisfy that craving too. Totally yummy. 

Melanie Chisholm, Singer

“Im really interested in nutrition and enjoy cooking but sometimes I feel like I donhave the time to get it right. Balance Box totally takes care of this. Good size portions, varied and well balanced, delicious food. Perfect for when youre busy or need a little reset.