Boost Your Metabolism


Eating Is Not Cheating – Food Is Fuel

We believe it’s important to fuel your body in the right way, to give you the energy to enjoy life and feel your best. Crash diets, whilst effective in the short term, will put your body into starvation mode resulting in the likelihood of putting weight back on (and often even more) once the diet is complete.

Keeping your metabolism working well is the key to long term weight management. Fuelling your body with the right nutrients and enough energy will keep your metabolism healthy. However, getting the balance right between too much, too little and the right kind of food can be tough. Let us do the work so that you have more time and energy for exercise, which will keep your metabolism revved up.

Stop yo-yo dieting, feel energised, get active and get results.




Three delicious, freshly prepared meals and two snacks delivered to your door.

Choose from our:

Lighter menu plan – 1200 calories a day

Market Menu Plan – 1800 calories a day




Our chefs work tirelessly to prepare perfectly balanced meals, full of fresh, seasonal and nourishing ingredients. Most importantly they craft meals that taste fantastic so you never feel deprived or hungry.


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