BMI Help

Sadly, tech geniuses in Silicon Valley have yet to design a computer that will do all the work for you… so until they have, here’s a simple calculation that could help you find the plan that is right for you.

We suggest using your Body Mass Index (BMI) as a general indicator or you may want to ask for further advice from our team or health professional to help you decide which portion is most suitable for your body type and lifestyle.

A word of encouragement … we do not starve you on either of our portion sizes. You will find there is a lot of food and plenty of snacks to help keep cravings at bay … and you should still lose weight. Fab huh?!

Work out your BMI using our calculator below:

BMI Calculator
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As a general rule, if you are eating Balance Box and your goal is to lose weight and your BMI is less than 29, we recommend signing up to our Lighter Menu Plan (1200 calories/day). If you have a BMI of 29 or above, it is probably best to initially try our Market Menu Plan (1800 calories/day).
*If you are using Balance Box for weight maintenance purposes, the Market Menu Plan might be more appropriate for you depending on your lifestyle and health goals.

If you have extremely high muscle mass (e.g. body builder!), then the BMI reference might not be the best for you to use and you can contact us for further advice.