Ultimate Guide to Christmas Cooking


The festive period is meant to be enjoyed relaxing with friends and family but unfortunately, without these helpful preparations, this is not always the case. We want to take the stress out of Christmas Day and focus our energy on consuming a lot of carbs, drinking festive cheer and playing endless games of charades. In order to do this, the right plans must be put into place.

Our friends at Leiths have created this amazingly helpful guide that gives you time to open your presents and chat to guests on Christmas Day. Getting ahead of the game will allow you to have a far more pleasurable and relaxed time and a few willing helpers for peeling and chopping with ease the load too. We’ve added a few Balance Box tweaks to help you stay healthy without missing out on festive fun.

When it comes to Christmas Dinner, preparation is the key to success. To save you time, we have prepared a Christmas Shopping List
which you can print out and take to the shops. Before you start to cook, it is a good idea to weigh and separate out everything you
need for each dish. Following these simple yet time optimizing steps might just save Christmas! See below for the ingredients for each individual recipe.

If you want to ensure you have enough time to open your presents and chat to guests on Christmas Day, it’s a good idea to get ahead of the game on Christmas Eve. We have devised a strategy for you below.

Following on from the big Christmas Shop and Christmas Eve preparation, see below for your full Christmas Day plan. These delicious, fuss-free recipes offer something for everyone.  No more cooking 10 different dishes for each family member. We can guarantee these crowd pleasing dishes will go down a treat!