The Balance Box Philosophy

We are forever guilty of being too busy. How many times have you used lack of time as an excuse for not exercising or eating properly?

At Balance Box, we understand the demands of working long hours, family pressures or simply not having the motivation to cook. We take away the pressure of your meal times and do it all for you – the shopping, chopping, cooking and the delivery to your doorstep PLUS we give you a bit of motivation to keep going along the way.

Our approach – It’s about Balance

Staying on track with your healthy eating can be hard. With so much conflicting nutrition information, poor dietary advice and quick-fix promises, it can all be truly overwhelming.

The good news is that you don’t have to crash diet or do anything extreme in order to achieve your weight loss target. With Balance Box, you get delicious, ready-made food delivered straight to your door. Each day has its own nutritionally-balanced and calorie-controlled healthy eating plan designed by our expert nutritionists, helping you lose weight the easy (and tasty) way. No more deprivation diets, stress or setbacks.

The Balance Box Philosophy

Healthy Weight Loss

If your goal is weight loss, we believe that reducing calories by altering the portion sizes of your meals rather than restricting whole food groups is the most sustainable way of achieving long term results. This is why our boxes come in two different calorie options: the Lighter Plan (1200 calories/day) and the Market Plan (1800 calories/day). These two boxes contain the same food but served in different portion sizes to suit different individual goals. We want you to think of it as eating real, wholesome food and not simply consuming calories!

By making sure that the diet is balanced, you are not skipping on essential nutrients and you will not experience extreme hunger – quite the opposite! Our clients are always surprised to find how satisfied they feel even on the Lighter Plan.

Removing all carbohydrates altogether (even healthy options), for example, is a very common mistake some people make when trying to lose weight. Such extremes can lead to severe feelings of hunger if the diet is not carefully tailored to suit the individual’s needs. With all the added frustration this will eventually lead to over eating or not being able to stick to a diet plan long term. The end result: all the pain without the gain – all the hunger of a diet without the benefits of weight loss! We wonder how many of us can relate to this?

The Balance Box Philosophy

At Balance Box we approach weight loss in a much more complex way than simply counting calories. This is why we have a team of nutritionists that will acknowledge your individual needs and will be able to advise you accordingly. Cutting your calories too low may actually lead to weight loss plateaus, something we see very often.

The type of food you eat will make a huge difference to your total daily calorie intake. The calories in processed sugar, for example, will be digested quickly – this will in turn cause a quick rise in your blood sugar levels and it will make you crash soon after eating leaving you hungry, moody and tired! Our food excludes all processed ingredients and refined sugar. We look at the plans as a whole – including vegetables, fruits, healthy wholegrains, lean proteins and essential fats. All portioned adequately to leave you satisfied and energised.

The Balance Box Philosophy

We created our Balance Boxes with confidence that most of our clients will not only find it easy to follow but will also educate them about portion control and help them find a way of eating that they can keep up for good.

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