Sustainable Christmas

We can all get a bit carried away at Christmas.  With climate change being topical at the moment and peppered across the news, whether in the newspapers or online, we are all trying to be very conscious of waste.

Our Founder, Jennifer Irvine has said “the last thing I want for my legacy is a big pile of plastic left on this planet”.

We generate 30 per cent more waste over the Christmas period and we are looking at ways we can help everyone to cut the waste in our kitchens this Christmas, so we have come up with our top tips:


  • Minimise food waste. Food sent to landfill produces methane and which is more powerful than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas, generating approximately 8 % of global green house gas emissions each year. So, think about whether you will in the end actually eat it all.


  • Why not try eating a more veggie diet – at least in part over the holidays? You could have some meat free meals leading up to the big day. Making that Christmas turkey taste even more delicious!


  • Where you are buying meat perhaps you could try and buy organic or free-range? It may be slightly more costly but with meat it really is quality over quantity.


  • We mentioned this before in our ‘Zero-waste journey, but how?’ blog on our website but planning your food shop not only saves you time when you’re in the shop, or saves you a few pennies in your purse (due to panic buys) but will save how much food waste you have at the end of the festive break.


  • Now even if you do plan, and cut down on ingredients it is very likely that you will still have leftovers, because well, have all the things we like to eat at Christmas right? That’s not a problem because there are lots of yummy dishes you can make with Christmas dinner leftovers such our as our home-made turkey broth soup :  bubble and squeak, and many more.