Spinach – Veg of the Month

Bowl of spinach


There’s a reason Popeye couldn’t get enough of it… Spinach is one of those all-rounder foods that you kind of knew was amazing but not, like, that amazing? Who’d have thought that those little leaves that wilt down into literally nothing at all were so amazing for our bodies!


Eye-eye captain!

Spinach is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants- two of which being the carotenoids zeaxanthin and lutein. These space-age sounding vitamins are actually pretty great at lowering our risk of long-term eye conditions, and can also help to absorb blue light- such as that from our phone screens. These pigments are also great for helping to protect our eyes from sunlight damage, but definitely don’t go staring at the sun because you had a few bits of spinach for dinner…


Immunity booster

Spinach is also packed with vitamin E and magnesium- which are ace at keeping our immune system nice and strong. A strong immune system means we’re less likely to catch a dreaded cold and other illnesses, and can also help to defend our bodies from toxins.

All those antioxidants in spinach can help our body to fight free-radical damage which can be a big helping hand in reducing premature aging. Thanks, spinach!


Under pressure

All the lovely nitrates in spinach can be handy in helping to moderate blood pressure levels. This can help to make us less at risk of heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes. Don’t see this as an excuse to eat exclusively spinach for the rest of your days though- everything in moderation is what keeps us healthy.



As we mentioned before, spinach is just chocka with vitamins that do all sorts of great things for our bodies. Vitamin K in spinach is great for supporting our bone health, and the abundance of vitamin C  is not only amazing for the skin but also helps the wound healing process. Among many other vitamins and minerals spinach offers, all contribute to keeping our bodies healthy and our immune system ticking along nicely.


Sharpen Up

The anti-inflammatory properties of the antioxidants in spinach can be beneficial in supporting our brain health and reducing cognitive decline so that we stay sharper for longer. Reducing inflammation can also help to reduce symptoms of stress and depression. Is there anything spinach can’t do?


Skinny love

As if it hadn’t done enough for our bodies, spinach has a lot to give us when it comes to our skin too. Spinach helps to boost the collagen production in our skin, which helps our skin maintain its firmness, elasticity, and radiance. Youthful-looking skin from a bag of leaves? Count me in… The high levels of vitamin A in spinach also helps to moderate oil production in our pores, helping to keep our skin and hair perfectly moist and not like an oil slick. Remember that wound healing vitamin C? Facial wounds, such as scars, dark spots, and breakouts can be remedied with this all-rounder, so get ready for an enviable complexion.


Weight and see

We’ve all chucked an entire bag of spinach into a pan and watched as it wilts into nothingness… that’s just classic spinach. The thing is that its so low in calories yet high in water and fibre that this wilted heap will not only help to fill you up but also aid better digestion and food absorption. Handy! Eating low-calorie but high-nutrient foods can be extremely helpful for helping weight loss, especially when spinach also helps to stabilise blood sugar levels and helps to keep bad cholesterol down. We reckon its definitely something we should be adding more of into our diets!


Healthy spinach smoothie recipe

Love a smoothie? Wanting to up your health game and further your weight loss goals? We’ve got you. While here at Balance Box we prefer you chewing your whole foods (as that’s where the best nutrients are), smoothies are a great way to get some extra fruits and veg in (especially when they’re fresh). Try this tasty and filling smoothie recipe to boost your health.


1 peeled orange

66g strawberries

1 large handful of spinach

240ml almond milk

Blend together and add additional water if needed. Enjoy!

The oranges in this recipe are a great source of vitamin C, which has antioxidant properties to help protect the body from inflammatory damage, and can support heart health and brain function. Strawberries can help to support heart health and regulate blood sugar levels, which can be beneficial for weight loss. Almond milk is a great source of calcium and vitamins, helping to strengthen our bones and teeth.


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