Planning a glass of Mulled Wine or Spiced Cider? 

We have done a slight comparison of the two drinks to help you decide.


In the spirit of the festive season, one of our favourite things to do is visit the wonderful Christmas markets and have a nice cup of cheer to keep us warm, and our spirits high! Not only are these festive drinks delicious and perfect for a chilly evening, their ingredients can also offer immune boosting properties, so they can help to keep you healthy and happy in the cold winter months.


We’ve recreated recipes for a couple of our favourite festive Cheer drinks,  for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home or bring to a Christmas party! These recipes are not 100% guilt-free of course if you add alcohol.  Click here to check them out


Wondering which of the two may be your healthier option?


We have done a slight comparison of the two drinks to help you decide.


While they both contain basically the same spices, our specific recipe for the Spiced Apple Cider contains ginger, which can be a wonderful immune booster as well as help to soothe the stomach.


If you’re looking for a treat without the alcohol, the Spiced Apple recipe is just as wonderful without the alcohol.


Careful which type of apple juice you use, as apple juice naturally contains an extremely high amount of fructose (natural sugar) and some have added sugar which may be refined sugar.


A full glass of red wine on its own may only contain a few grams of sugar, plus added sweetener in mulled wine may take it to about 10 grams for a glass. As far as calorie content for these two drinks, they contain roughly a similar amount of calories depending on the amount of alcohol and sweetener used.

We do celebrate with a couple of glasses of cheer ourselves, but, Alcohol Awareness Week was only last week (11-17 November 2019) and we do support the message “Please drink responsibly”.

 Our winner for health must be the virgin apple cider as it works best if you are avoiding alcohol.