Various sugar in cubes and granulated

How to beat sugar cravings

Have you felt yourself reaching for the biscuit tin lately Is that chocolate cheesecake whispering to you from the fridge If so, you’re not alone Finding solace in sweet treats is actually a natural instinct – sugar gives us a welcome ping...

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Waist measurement close up.

How to lose weight well

What does it mean to lose weight well For us at Balance Box HQ, losing weight well means a healthy, sustained and effective decrease in stored fat that doesn’t leave you feeling deprived, lethargic or frustrated Your diet should be balanced and...

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Healthy meals on table, counting calories

Should we be counting calories?

Theoretically, weight-loss isn’t rocket science: if you eat more calories than you burn, you’ll gain weight If you eat the same amount of calories that you burn, your weight will stay the same And if you eat less calories than you burn, you’ll...

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A Balance Box balanced diet including Roasted Plum Bircher, Chickpea Chilli & Feta Salad and Butternut & Edamame Bean Risotto

What is a balanced diet?

We all know that balance is key to leading a healthy, happy life If you’ve had an intense week at work, for example, it would make sense to balance this with a restful weekend Are you feeling run ragged by those around you Then it’s a good idea...

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Customer Stories: Meet Kate

There’s nothing we love more than hearing your stories about how Balance Box has helped you Here we caught up with long term client, Kate   Tell us about yourself I am 38 I live on my own and run my own business working with charities...

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Leiths Christmas Dinner

Ultimate Guide to Christmas Cooking

  Our friends at Leiths have created this amazingly helpful guide that gives you time to open your presents and chat to guests on Christmas Day Getting ahead of the game will allow you to have a far more pleasurable and relaxed time and...

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8 reasons why Christmas dinner is good for you

1 It’s the perfect balance of nutrients We certainly know a few things about balance when it comes to nutrition So, it’s good to know that a traditional Christmas dinner contains the three main macronutrients that provide your body with the...

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Lady trying to get over hangover laying in bed, covering head with pillow.

How to beat the hangover blues

How do I hate thee Let me count the ways Dry mouth, cracking headache, anxiety, racing heart and pink eyes Hangovers are never pretty But during the party season, they’re often inevitable If you need a health SOS the morning after the night...

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