New Year, New You

January, AKA the month of good intentions, is here. For most of us, it’s a time of reflection and goal setting as we strive to improve our health and wellbeing. ‘I’m only going to eat once a day and give up carbohydrates/cheese/alcohol!’ is a commonly heard cry. But although it’s good to address the balance of your diet, beware— knee-jerk reactions against the excesses of Christmas can sometimes do more harm than good.


Be kind to yourself

Try to think of your nutrition holistically, paying attention to what, when and how you eat as opposed to just how much. Choose foods that will enrich your body, not inflame it and gently tweak your overall approach to wellbeing. If you have an off-day and find yourself devouring a tub of salted caramel ice cream, don’t beat yourself up. Nobody’s perfect. Just gently remind yourself of your health intentions and start the next day with a fresh, focussed and positive mind-set.


Choose quality over quantity

Sustained weight loss should not be approached with quick fixes such as skipping meals and reducing portions to miniscule amounts. Although there is undoubtedly a link between weight management and the amount of food we take in, there is more to this equation than meets the eye. Consuming highly inflammatory foods like processed meats, refined carbohydrates and alcohol triggers our body into a state of immune activation and physiological stress. This is bad news for weight loss because these types of food, regardless of portion size, do not allow us to easily digest and process beneficial nutrients.


Get a grip on stress

Hormones and blood glucose levels are the often-overlooked gate-keepers to weight loss. Pay special attention to them through good nutrition, quality sleep and exposure to natural sunlight, and you should reap the rewards. Stress in particular is a tyrant of the tummy, having been linked to the accumulation of the dreaded visceral fat around our abdomen. Try daily meditation (there are loads of apps out there), along with balanced meals and you’ll be wriggling into those too-tight-jeans in no time.



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