Zero-waste journey, but how?

Do any of us know what we’re doing when we start our zero-waste journey?


Going shopping? – Don’t go unprepared, a list always helps, best not to go shopping when you’re hungry either, you might buy food and treats your eyes want!

Do you plan your meals every week? – Who does that? Not many, but making a weekly meal plan will help you waste less food, and help your purse strings too.

Reusable bags – Well you could remember to pack them before you go off to shop, but so many times we get caught out when we are just passing the supermarket and decide to do the shop there and then because it works right?. In which case, nothing wrong with using the plastic bags you did buy to carry home your goodies, to line the bins around the house. If you use them to line wastepaper bins you can use them over and over! Or if you are really good, fold up a ‘bag for life’ and leave it in the car or in your bag so it’s always there.

Glass or silicone food storage boxes – Now these really do help the environment because you won’t be using much aluminium foil or cling film. Win win!

Leftovers – You can make some yummy soups with leftover veggies, and super smoothies with leftover fruits. Don’t forget your freezer is your friend and can save you cooking on a day when you just don’t feel like it. Good to know something delicious is sitting in the freezer just waiting for you!

Composting – If you can compost anything you don’t use it will be a great help in the garden, fertilizing everything and helping them grow into fab food or flowers.

Cloths vs Kitchen Towels – How annoying we can’t recycle kitchen towels, the fibres are too short apparently and make for poor quality pulp, sigh, still, you can always switch to cloths instead.


At Balance Box, we make sure we use as much recyclable material as possible watch this video to see Jennifer Irvine talk about our responsible packaging.


Before you go Jenny Irvine (our founder) has one more useful tip for you “Make sure you recycle your healthy food delivery service Balance Box pots.  If you’re like the Irvine family we reuse them, for anything from shaping veggie burgers to planting herbs!”

There you go, now you can get started on your zero-waste journey too!