Managing stress; The balancing act.

It’s no secret that stress has become a common part of life and whilst there is nothing wrong with a bit of stress every so often, a lot of us nowadays struggle from chronic stress due to modern day living. Demanding jobs, lack of sleep, pressure, trying to maintain a social life and being constantly wired to our smartphones are all contributing factors.

In support of Mental Health Awareness Week, we’ve put together 6 ‘DIY’ tips to help you manage your stress levels.

Go for a walk or jog.

Fresh air and moving your body can calm and clear your mind in a matter of minutes. When you’re feeling upset or overwhelmed, try going for a brisk walk or jog to your nearest park or even just down a quiet(er) street near your work or home.

Take time for your meals.

Too often we eat on the go, in front of screens, in meetings, etc. Having all these distractions whilst we eat prevents us from properly digesting our food and can leave us feeling bloated and sluggish. Now that summer is on the way, why not take your lunch outside and enjoy the fresh air and natural vitamin D!

Single task instead of multi-task.

Do you know that only about 2% of the world’s population can effectively multi-task? So don’t feel discouraged if you struggle! Whatever you are doing, try and focus on doing just that thing; be it writing a report, replying to an email, cooking or having a conversation. Be present and focus solely on the one thing you are doing at a time. You’ll be far more productive this way.

Plan and Prioritise

Writing a to-do list will make you feel more in control and less likely to be stressed the following morning and throughout the day. Prioritise accordingly – it’s usually the things we put off the most that need to be prioritised. Make sure you tick or cross things off your list too, it will increase your feeling of accomplishment and make it feel like there’s less on your plate! 


We’d all love to have more hours in the day but trying to solve that problem by cutting down on your sleep is a losing game and you will actually become less productive and feel more stressed. Try to have a good and regular sleep routine by going to bed and waking up at the same time each day.

Communicate your problems.

If something is worrying you or stressing you out, talk about it. Whether it’s to your close friend, family member, work colleague or health professional, expressing your worries and feelings to someone is important. There is no need to carry and deal with the burden all on your own, seek advice and help from people that care about you and if you feel you can’t talk to those close to you, there are amazing charities and organisations out there who can provide support and comfort. Don’t suffer alone, reach out if you are struggling with stress or any other mental health issue.