Health Benefits of Winter Greens

Someone once said that you should always have something green on your plate, and from a nutritional perspective, there is good reason to. Winter greens provide more than just a pop of colour, they are nutritional powerhouses.


The brassica family includes kale, broccoli, cabbage, collard greens and brussel sprouts which have some fantastic benefits that when cooked correctly are delicious and nutritious.


Brassicas are especially high in essential vitamins such as potassium, vitamin K and C, folic acid and fibre. Brassicas also contains bio-active sulfur containing compounds called glucosinolates. Through considerable evidence, these may have some cancer preventative properties whilst also limiting the progression of chronic inflammatory diseases such as cardiovascular disease.


Winter is the perfect time to add these vegetables into your diet as they are in season, widely available and make a great addition to winter dishes. We use them in our Balance Box fresh food deliveries menus.


Instead of simply steaming, get creative in the kitchen and try roasting sprouts with chestnuts and garlic, pan frying cabbage with sliced chilli and flaked almonds or massaging a miso dressing into baby kale leaves. At the Balance Box we love a classic bubble and squeak, try our recipe which elevates winter green vegetables into a delicious and healthy meal.