Customer Stories: Meet Kate

There’s nothing we love more than hearing your stories about how Balance Box has helped you. Here we caught up with long term client, Kate.


Tell us about yourself?

I am 38. I live on my own and run my own business working with charities which usually involves travelling. I often get up early get home late. I am quite active, and regularly attend the gym.


What brought you to Balance Box?

I was getting home late and eating cereal, toast – basically an abundance of beige carbs. I wanted to avoid feeling sluggish and to try to maintain a healthy diet. I didn’t want to consume meals containing preservatives and was looking for a healthy alternative to a ready meals. I tried a lot of other services, which unfortunately looked unappetizing due to the vacuum packaging. When I came across Balance Box it was wonderful!


What do you enjoy about Balance Box?

I enjoy the variety of food. I think it is more of a variety than one would eat if cooking for oneself. The salmon ceviche is a great hit with my sister. I once let her try it and ever since, whenever it is on the rotation, I now give it to her. We even attempted to make it ourselves.


How has Balance Box helped you?

It means that I do not have to think about food at all! If you think about how many times a week the average person has to think about going to the supermarket, making sure the fridge is full… it’s one big thing that I know is taken care of. The only other thing you need to do is, deliver two pints of milk once a week, and then I wouldn’t have to go to the supermarket at all!

It is very convenient, as I often eat them right out of the pots whilst on the go. My family never stop asking me if ‘pot life has arrived’, because Balance Box has become a part of me.


How would you say our food has affected you mentally, physically and emotionally?

It has certainly helped me to keep eating healthily and maintain a healthy mind. It does affect your mood – You are what you eat!

The lighter plan works well for me as I am only 5ft and I weigh 8.5 stone. It is the right amount of food for me so if I do decide to eat anything extra than the food provided, it’s a treat that I do not have to feel guilty about. I am still maintaining balance without overindulging.

If somebody was using it to lose weight, it is actually sustainable, whereas fad diets are unrealistic, and it is unlikely you would want to eat them forever. I have been subscribing to Balance Box for 5 years now and it’s still is proving an easy ‘diet’ to maintain. I am single at the moment and it almost makes me not want a partner, because what would I do with my Balance Box meals? I am certainly not sharing.


What is your favourite BB dish?

It’s definitely Beef and Pearl Barley. It comes on a Friday so it’s a perfect Friday night treat. It’s closely followed by the Chilli con Carne.