Beetroot – Veg of the Month

beetroot veg of the month


When it comes to giving your body and mind some much-needed TLC, beetroots truly can’t be beet. Brimming with nitrates and antioxidants and tasting delicious, there’s every reason to make sure you’re getting beetroot into your diet wherever possible.


Can help to lower blood pressure

Beetroots are high in nitrates- which are great for keeping our hearts healthy. Nitrates relax our blood vessels which can help to improve blood flow and lower blood pressure, the latter helping to minimize our risk of heart disease and strokes. Worth the chopping board stains, don’t you think?


Can support energy levels

Those nitrates we just mentioned have even more great benefits. The nitrates in beetroot allow more oxygen to be carried to the muscles, which can be beneficial for recovery and boost energy levels. Beets can also enhance endurance and exercise performance by increasing how long it takes to become exhausted. Gym-goers in the know will enjoy a magenta glass of beetroot juice post-workout to help muscles recover faster, or before for an energy kick.


Can help to support digestive health

Beetroots aren’t just besties with your muscles, but also love your gut. Their high fibre content is great for the gut as it promotes the growth of good bacteria, which has a fantastic knock-on effect throughout the body. Having a lot of healthy bacteria in the gut can help to fight diseases, and fibre can help to clear up digestive issues and help everything tick along nicely.


Can support brain health

Did somebody say nitrates again? Oh yes. We may be starting to sound like a broken record, but beets host a fantastic amount of nitrates that just won’t stop benefiting our bodies. The nitrates in beetroot can actually help our brain function by increasing blood flow to our brain. Specifically, beets have been shown to positively affect decision-making and memory, as well as reaction time. Beetroot smoothie, anyone?


Can help to fight inflammation

The pigments in beetroot that stain your fingers and wooden spoon pink- betalains, are a phytonutrient that are actually packed with benefits. Betalains have anti-inflammatory properties which can help to protect the obesity, heart disease, and liver disease. Beetroot is also high in antioxidants, which are known to protect the skin from signs of premature aging and free radical damage. Is there anything this root can’t do?


Look out for beetroot in your Balance Boxes this month, and remember what a world of good those pink pigments are doing to your mind and body!

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