Fad Diets Debunked

We’ve all heard of some of the bizarre fad diets of the past- like the smoking diet, where instead of reaching for a snack you grab a ‘much healthier’ cigarette, or the tapeworm diet where you eat a load of tapeworms so that they eat all of...

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spring clean your eating habits

Spring Clean Your Eating Habits

  The Great British winter is, at best, a long and bleak endurance exercise Short, cold days mixed with rainy, miserable outlooks can lead us to take up some not-so-welcome habits But fear not – mother nature is here to give us a...

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Spinach – Veg of the Month

  There’s a reason Popeye couldn’t get enough of it… Spinach is one of those all-rounder foods that you kind of knew was amazing but not, like, that amazing Who’d have thought that those little leaves that wilt down into literally...

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How To Lose Weight Well

For us at Balance Box, losing weight well means following a healthy, sustained and effective way of eating that doesn’t leave you feeling deprived, lethargic, or frustrated Who wants to carry on a crash diet that makes you feel lousy Not us Your...

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Why Eat Seasonally?

What is eating seasonally Eating seasonally really is exactly what it says on the tin- eating foods (specifically fruits and vegetables) that are grown at the same time and season as you eat them By this, we mean you eat foods that are available...

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Cucumber: Skin Saviour?

Cucumbers aren’t just a salad staple, they're also a powerhouse of water and nutrients that our skin and body absolutely adore For the body, they’re ace at helping to lower blood sugar levels and supply us with antioxidants; and are full of...

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The Best Foods For Glowing Skin

Raise your hand if you want glowing, clear skin which looks like that of a new-born baby Of course you do! Raise your hand if you want to spend hours researching the perfect creams and serums to achieve this No Anyone Don’t get us wrong, the...

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woman washes her face because of pollution and skincare

How Does Pollution Affect My Skin?

As much as it can be odd to consider the smooth film that keeps all our body together (our skin, if I didn’t paint a grisly enough picture) as an organ, it is actually the largest organ in our body and can be incredibly susceptible to...

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