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How to fit exercise into your busy life

Build positive habits and make self-care a priority For most of us, modern life is a juggling act Childcare, career, admin and social commitments jostle for space in our already bursting diaries The result We’re often left with little or no...

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Do aphrodisiacs really work?

What actually is an aphrodisiac Derived from the name Aphrodite – the Greek goddess of love – an aphrodisiac is a food, drink or substance that stimulates sexual desire But do aphrodisiacs really work or are they a fallacy As...

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Superfoods unmasked

Superfoods are not magic bullets The media love to label a constantly changing succession of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds as ‘super’, dazzling us with their powerful properties and nutritional jargon We’re bombarded with messages like,...

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Diet Myths

There’s a dizzying array of information about what’s hot and what’s not in the world of healthy eating At Balance Box, we’re all about delicious, healthy food that makes your life easier, not harder We’ve busted the most common diet myths...

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Could a digital detox help you lose weight?

We live in a world of convenience where everything is just a finger swipe away This means that even the most disciplined of us often find it hard to resist the time-wasting pitfalls of mindless scrolling Taking a break from your phone has been...

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New Year, New You

January, AKA the month of good intentions, is here For most of us, it’s a time of reflection and goal setting as we strive to improve our health and wellbeing ‘I’m only going to eat once a day and give up carbohydrates/cheese/alcohol!’...

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Sustainable Christmas

We can all get a bit carried away at Christmas  With climate change being topical at the moment and peppered across the news, whether in the newspapers or online, we are all trying to be very conscious of waste Our Founder, Jennifer Irvine...

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Health Benefits of Winter Greens

Someone once said that you should always have something green on your plate, and from a nutritional perspective, there is good reason to Winter greens provide more than just a pop of colour, they are nutritional powerhouses   The brassica family...

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