Collecting chestnuts

Chestnuts aren't just for conkers, says keen gardener and our founder, Jennifer Irvine There are two types of chestnut in the UK-the spiky, sweet chestnut that's edible, and its smoother cousin the horse chestnut, which is toxic to eat, and...

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Foraging blackberries

What a wonderful concept foraging is – all the benefits of fresh produce but with minimal input Foraging is therefore ideal for readers who are busy gardeners or juggling life in general It also gives you a lovely connection with the land and...

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Ultimate BBQ Guide

  Barbecue season is in full flow, and here at Balance Box we know that preparation is the key to a successful, stress-free day We’ve put together some of our favourite summer recipes from our Founder, Jennifer Irvine, in a handy barbecue...

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The Joys of Cold Water Swimming

‘Own your mind, master your biology and activate your full human potential’ (Wim Hof) Our guest blog today comes from Michelle McKenzie (BSc, ANutr) Michelle's  journey into the world of nutrition began in 2009 when she was diagnosed with...

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Re-cropping lettuce

This month’s star vegetable is lettuce: humble, often underestimated, yet incredibly versatile When it comes to growing your own champion of summer salads, not much can go wrong Follow a few simple steps and you'll be rewarded with a harvest...

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Grow your own tomatoes

As a keen cook, gardener and advocate of fresh produce and ingredients, our founder Jennifer gives advice and insider tips for growing your own tomatoes, right in time for those colourful summer salads and tasty homemade...

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Hands holds bowl with homegrown organic sprouts, micro greens.

How to grow your own sprouting seeds

To sprout seeds you don’t really need specialised equipment – all that’s required is a jar, a muslin cloth to cover it, a plastic band to secure it and a handful of seeds I use an old transparent plastic pot and a clean piece of old...

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Beautiful happy young woman smiling in a flowering spring garden

Spring clean your eating habits

The Great British winter is, at best, a long and bleak endurance exercise But this winter, due to the lengthy restrictions we’ve lived under, most of us will be feeling especially demotivated, heavy and lethargic Lockdown fatigue combined with...

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