Different types of salt. Sea, Himalayan and kitchen salt. Top view on three wooden spoons on black background

To salt, or not to salt? 

If salt could speak, it would undoubtedly complain about its reputation Positioned as the bad boy of dietary minerals, its hidden presence in fast and convenience foods has got whole populations hooked on over-salted foods and contributed to the...

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Feed your gut

In our recent prebiotics and fibre articles, we’ve looked at how a healthy gut is linked to our overall mental and physical wellness Now it’s time to put it in to practice These recipes are packed full of digestion-friendly ingredients that...

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Health food for a high fiber diet with whole wheat pasta, grains, legumes, nuts, fruit, vegetables and cereals with foods high in omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins. Rustic background top view.

Gut health: Mind the (Fibre) Gap

In our gut health series, we've explored all things prebiotic and interviewed former rugby star Jonny Wilkinson on the benefits of kombucha Now we're turning our focus to fibre Most of us know that we should aim to include plenty of fibre in...

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5 Glute Exercises to undo sitting all day

If you work from home or in a sedentary job, the amount of time you spend sat on you behind may have caused your bum muscles to snooze Strong glutes are important for posture and performance and this workout from boutique fitness studio Flex...

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Gut health: Jonny Wilkinson tackles kombucha

After exploring all things prebiotic in last week’s focus on gut health, today we’re talking to former England rugby star and founder of No1 Living kombucha drinks company Jonny Wilkinson   Jonny Wilkinson CBE is considered one of the...

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Gut Health: Your Guide to Prebiotics

Gut health: Your Guide to Prebiotics

So, you’ve just got your head around probiotics, but what about prebiotics To maintain optimal health, it’s essential to incorporate both into your diet to keep your gut – and consequently the rest of your body - tickety-boo Probiotics are...

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The Ultimate Food Quiz

Many of us have taken to family games whilst in lockdown so we’ve rounded up our favourite food facts for the ultimate food quiz to keep you entertained Good luck!    1 Which of these is not a mushroom  Lion’s...

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Acts of Kindness to Boost Mental Health

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and this year, in response to the coronavirus outbreak, the theme is kindness  Kindness makes us and the world a better place It seems intuitive, but sometimes it can be forgotten in our busy...

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