I bet you didn’t know…

ChristmasChances are at some point this party season you’re going to find yourself struggling to make conversation. Let our 5 card facts come to the rescue!

  • During WW2 the US government hid pieces of maps inside playing cards which were then sent “for entertainment” to US POWs in Germany.
  • Card playing was taxed in 18th century Europe, with the tax receipt stamped on the white space on the Ace of Clubs. Today the Ace of Clubs remains relatively bare compared other cards, for this reason.
  • In fortune telling, the Ace of Spades symbolises death. For this reason American soldiers would carry card packs containing 52 Aces of Spades during the Vietnam War, which they would scatter, to spook the Viet Cong.
  • Court cards – King, Queen and Jack,  were originally created as full-length character illustrations; they later became double-headed to prevent players from having to turn them right side up when they were dealt.
  • The King of Diamonds is also known as the Suicide King, because he holds his swords against his head as if he is stabling himself. He is also the only King without a moustache.